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Kean's Block

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The building you're looking at now, well maybe I should tell you what it looks like first. It's actually three buildings in one, has 7 windows and a pointy arch at the top. See it? Perfect, I know you would! Kean's block was built in 1872 and opened in 1873, it was owned by, you guessed it, Frank Kean. Extensive restoration of the second floor uncovered the old Kean’s Music Hall, which was the main meeting place in Orillia, prior to the Opera House being built in 1895.

In the past, a portion of the second floor was used for various businesses and organizations including the first telephone exchange, which operated here from 1884 to 1887. In case your not over 100 and don't know what a telephone exchange was, it was the crazy mess of wires being plugged in a out of things you see on old school movies, before the era of iPhones and 4G.

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