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Kootenay National Park | Alberta

Kootenay National Park

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In a minute we’ll pass under a bridge, if we took the exit and headed 45 minutes South, we’d drive through Kootenay Provincial Park! Although it’s ‘technically’ a National Park, I think MOUNTAIN PARK would be more accurate! We’d drive past Mount Gray, Mount Ball, Mount White Tail, Mount Verendrye, and Mount Wardle. Talk about Mountainful. I mean mouthful! Hehe. This park earned its name from the two rivers that flow through it, the Vermillion River and the Kootenay River. Ok.. now the good stuff...The Park is famous for its HOTTEST attraction.....The Radium Hot Springs! A couple marketing whizzes decided to promote it as a therapeutic cure, highlighting the springs' slight radioactive element: RADOM. So, bring your pet turtle, dip him into the radioactive springs, and voila! Instant ninja turtle. Jk jk.. It’s not harmful and you WON’T turn into the shredder.. Promise. The park also boasts Olive Lake, a picnic area surrounded by hiking trails such as Marble Canyon, Sinclair Canyon, andddd the Paint Pots.


Sooo can anybody tell me what paint pots are? Are they,


A.) Fossilized ceramic pots made by natives thousands of years ago,

B.) A paint your own pot tourist attraction, or

C.) Iron-rich mineral springs that bubble into small pools


If you guessed C, then you must have must have reached deep in the pot for that answer, that joke started out well. The Paint Pots are a group of iron rich mineral springs that bubble and color the Earth red and orange! Prior to the 20th century, they served as a source of paint pigment for the First Nations! Man, to think I spent all that money repainting my house. 

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