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Ben | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Lake Diefenbaker | Saskatchewan

Lake Diefenbaker

A point of interest on the Moose Jaw to Alberta Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

We’re currently about 40 km’s South of the Southern Arm of Lake Diefenbaker.. And in about 20 minutes, we’ll still be 40 km’s South of Lake Diefenbaker….  20 minutes after that, yep.. 40 km’s South of Lake Diefenbaker! At 220 km’s long, Lake Diefenbaker is ….huge.. The largest body of water in Southern Saskatchewan huge! This man made lake is actually both a reservoir and a bifurcation lake! Hmmm bifurcation lake eh… sounds like a pretty good Tripvia question doesn’t it.… not this time though! A bifurcation lake has natural outflows that go into two different drainage basins. Basically, the lake provides a water supply and irrigation to two different areas.


I do have to ask you a question though, so here it comes! Can anyone tell me when the lake was built?  Was it,

 A) 1959,

 B) 2010,

 or C) 1745? 


If you guessed A, 1959, Prime Minister Diefenbaker, whom the lake is named after, would be proud! Construction began in 1959, with the lake being filled in 1967. So we know it’s the largest man-made body of water in Southern Saskatchewan, but Last Mountain Lake, which just happens to be the topic of another question, is the largest natural body of water! Hmmm.. I wonder which one is better, man-made or natural.. Well the only way to find out is to complete my patented ‘which lake is better test’.  We’ll need to make a stop first to get some equipment.. We’ll need beach towels, a frisbee, a blow up unicorn, a beach umbrella, a drink umbrella, a cooler, a water trampoline, peanut butter, water wings, a bucket and shovel, a fanny pack, sunblock, a volleyball ... 

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