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Lake of Bays, Muskoka

Lake of Bays

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Just 25 km’s East on highway 117, which you’ll see in a minute, lies the magnificent sights and sounds of Lake of the Bays.  Over 170 gorgeous kilometers of shoreline await, dotted with lovely little communities like Baysville, Dorset, Grandview and Millar Hill.. which… me shivers just saying .. a… ghost town. 

What’s that? Oh.. right... ok.. 


Sorry folks, no need to worry, my producer just informed me that a ghost town just means no one lives there anymore, not that it’s haunted. Sorry for the fright! I mean …. I wasn’t scared or anything.. just looking out for you guys.. 




Anyways, back to Lake of Bays… these lakefront towns and hamlets offer lots of wonderful experiences... art studios,  parks and beaches, a professional theater, marine museum,  boat tours on the S.S. Bigwin, a majestic wooden steamship and more.  With all of the natural beauty of the forests, rock outcroppings, and wetlands--it's a big hit with the sportsmen, sportswomen AND tourists! 


In fact in the early 20th century, beautiful resorts like the Bigwin Inn and Wawa Resort, which was built in 1908 and sadly destroyed by fire in 1923 dotted the landscape. Resorts like these and the lovely surroundings even lured some famous folks to the area like actor Clark Gable, writer Ernest Hemingway and The Dutch Royal Family.  


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