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kwakiutl totem pole wascana regina

PunkToad Flickr CC BY 2.0

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Lakeshore Park, Regina, Saskatchewan

Lakeshore Park Kwakiutl Totem Pole

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Audio Transcript

This incredible totem pole was a gift to Saskatchewan from the British Columbia government in 1971. Wait. A gift? All I got for Christmas was a pair of socks, now I want to totem pole!

Anyways, the totem pole commemorates the centenary of the union, 1871 of the province of British Columbia with the dominion Canada.


The poll is hewn from Western Red Cedar by Mr Lloyd Wadhams of the Nimpkish Indian band. It is 3.5 feet in diameter and weighs approximately 3,500 pounds. The pole's of the Kwakiutl Nation design.

The predominant feature of the totem poll is the large Thunderbird, which in Indian mythology is the noble and omnipotent ruler of the skies, and master of the elements. It is the great eagle, respected throughout the area by all the coastal tribes.


For the Kwakiutl, the bird of prey is particularly a symbol of family solidarity, the supernatural power that helped man build his first house. The human form on its breast signifies the supernatural in human attributes.

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