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legend of kitchikewana

Ken Mist | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

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19 Main St. Penetanguishine | ON

The Legend of Kitchikewana

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Audio Excerpt

So.. how do you think Georgian Bay was formed? Probably some sort of meteor.. glacial erosion or some grand geological event right? Well folks, grab your Sweet and Salty Kettle Popcorn because I’m going to tell you a different story, the legend of Kitchikewana..


Kitchikewana was a god, a god whose purpose was to guard ALL of Georgian Bay! Kitchikewana met a woman named Wanakita, whom he immediately decided he wanted to marry.  He even started planning the wedding, but soon found out she was already engaged! Kitchikewana, known for his bad temper, was so angry at the news he grabbed a large ball of earth and threw it into the Great Lakes.


  The massive ball of earth exploded into thousands of chunks of land, forming the 30,000 islands! Exhausted from his fit of rage, Kitchikewana needed a little naptime and laid down at Giants Tomb Island.. where he’s still snoozing away today! Giant’s Tomb actually got it’s name because it resembles the sleeping giant, whom the aboriginal people believe is the god Kitchiwana! 


One of the towns surrounding the bay actually has a statue of Kitchikewana, think you can guess what town that is?

Penetanguishene, also knows as Penetang, is on the West side of the bay and has a statue of Kitchikewana guarding main street!


Sooo how’s that popcorn doing? Well if you're anything like me when I get into the sweet ‘n salty corn, I’m guessing it’s gonzo!

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