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lions bay british columbia
Michael Nuget | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Lions Bay | British Columbia

Lions Bay

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Audio Excerpt

Alllll aboard!!! Time to get in the time machine guys! We’re off to the 1980’s, but we’re staying right here in Lions Bay.  So we’re just driving along, trying to figure out what love is with the help of Foreigner when BAM.. a massive mudslide crashes into the car! We’re trapped!  Moments later, the Lions Bay Search and Rescue team springs to action.  45 minutes later, on the verge of starvation, we’re saved!


The Search & Rescue team, whom I’m envisioning looked just like the A-Team, was established following a series of landslides in the early 1980’s.  Unlike the A-Team however, they’re still around! The team is  now primarily a mountain rescue group. If you look to the East, you’ll see two of the many mountains they serve operate on. These twin peaks, rising above the village of Lions Bay were known in First Nations stories as The Sisters.  Does anyone have an idea of what they’re known as now? Are they,


A - The Lions, B - The Tigers, or C - The Bears?


Oh my!  If you answered A, The Lions.. You must have a lot of … pride! Get it.. like a lion pride.. Ahh well I’m sure proud of that joke! Anyways, the Lions attract a large number of hikers each year.. but the trails are not for the faint of heart as they are extremely challenging even for the fittest hikers.  Every year hikers are injured, lost or caught in the dark… it sure is a good thing there’s the A-Tea…. I mean the Lions Bay Search and Rescue team to help!

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