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loveland pass
Barbara Ann Spengler | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Loveland Pass | Colorado

Loveland Pass

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Audio Excerpt

Bo: These mountainy roads sure are fun, but in the winter hooooo boy it can get perrtty dangerous.


WIFE: “Dangerous!? Oh my goodness Bo we just can’t go careenin’ off some big ‘ol mountain today we gotta get Barb’s cook-out. Just thinkin ‘bout those deeeeelightful finger lickin’ ribs is makin’ mommas mouth water more than Niagra Falls mmhmmm”


Bo: Oh we’ll be fine sugar plumb! I got us to Bob’s old fashioned chicken dunkin’ now didn’t I? 

The next interchange to the South is Highway 6, also known as Loveland Pass Road and it sure is a dozey in the winter. The pass was named in the 19th century after William Loveland, president of the Colorado Central Railroad and it makes those little curvy roads back home look like baby swivels. With its twisty, turny, up, down, all round, steep, twisty — did I mention twisty?


Wife: You sure did Bo.

Bo: Twisty, hairpin treacherous bends, inclines, downclines, slippry, slidey.. Well you get the picture. 

Wife: I don’t like the sounds of that Bo! You sure we’re goin the right way? 


Bo: This ain’t my first rodeo my precious peach, we’re headin’ around the pass right through the Eisenhower Tunnel. Now for you other folks if yer heading East you musta just went through it, if yer heading West like us well hold on to yer knickers because we’ll be headin’ through it in no time. 


Now if it’s summer and the roads are all perty, well the pass is a beeeeeeautiful drive I highly recommend it.  It’s actually the highest mountain pass in Colorado that.. that.. Oh dagnabit I forget.. Whatchu think?


Is the Loveland pass the highest mountain pass that,


A - Stays open in the winter, B - is paved, or C - has a gradient of over 10%?


If you answered A, stays open in winter, well you ain’t no spring chicken! Although it’s open, them snowplows have one heck of a time keeping it plowed.. So proceed with caution ya’all!

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