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By Daryl Mitchell from Saskatoon, Canada 

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1881 Scarth Street | Regina, SK

McCallum Hill Centre

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Audio Transcript

Take a look up. Way up. See two pretty identical buildings on either side of Scarth street? You're looking at the Mccallum Hill Center. Funny enough, one of the two towers, is two stories taller than the other. Can you tell which one is taller?

At 22 stories tall, tower one, on the West side of the street stands the tallest. The Mccallum Hill Center towers are cast in place concrete structures, with blue semi reflective glass curtain walls. One of the distinguishing features of these office towers is the 11 degree splayed walls.

The twin towers are arguably Regina's most distinctive skyscrapers. Tower one sits on the site of the original Mccallum Hill building, Regina's tallest building and first skyscraper.

The old Mccallum Hill office building was built in 1912 and faced beautiful Victoria park. It dominated the Regina Skyline for years. For the folks who love explosions, you know who you are, listen to this.


In 1982, the Mccallum Hill building was imploded in just 6 seconds, with 200 pounds of explosives!

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