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BriYYZ | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

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McLean Wildlife Lands | Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation

McLean Wildlife Refuge

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Audio Excerpt

Take a look to the South and you’ll see some forested land, which is a rarity for the southern Prairies.  This 7 quarter section parcel of land was jointly purchased in 2002 by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation’s Habitat Trust Fund and the Saskatchewan Provincial Government's Fish and Wildlife Development Fund.


Established in 1978, the Habitat Trust Fund’s goal is to aid in the retention and enhancement of critical wildlife habitats across the province.  The parcel of land is also a popular field trip destination for schools from as far as Regina to enjoy snowshoeing, survival training and various other outdoor activities.  Speaking of snowshoeing, did you know the snowshoe hare is common to the area? Any idea why it’s called the snowshoe hare? Is it due to it’s,


  1. Large front feet

  2. Large rear feet or

  3. Ability to use evergreen bows as makeshift snowshoes?

The answer is B! The snowshoe hare has large rear feet which help it walk on deep snow, it also has fur on the soles of it’s paws to keep those big snowshoes warm!


Well we now know the snowshoe hare is a fan of winter activities, but I wonder what it does for fun in the summer? With those big puppies, I’m guessing waterskiing!  Wendy the water skiing snowshoe hare! Now that’s a viral video waiting to happen!

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