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minesing wetlands

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Minesing Wetlands | Ontario

Minesing Wetlands

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We’re currently only a couple kilometres North of one of the most diverse and undisturbed wetlands in all of Canada! The Minesing Wetlands stretch from the Western edge of Barrie all the way to Georgian Bay! The area was identified as the largest and best example of a fen bog in Southern Ontario by the International Biological Program! 


A great way to experience some of the Minesing Wetlands is by visiting Historic Fort Willow! Located at the halfway point of the famous 9 Mile Portage, Fort Willow was super important during the war of 1812! The Fort was a supply depot, enabling a continuous trade and transportation route between Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay. 


The 9 Mile Portage Fort Willow was built on allowed travelling British forces to avoid the Americans who occupied the lower Great Lakes. The portage was actually around way before the war.. Way way wayyyy before! It was used by Aboriginals and fur traders centuries ago to trade fur and goods.


There was no direct waterway soooo… they had to hoof it… well..uh actually I don’t think horses in canoes would have worked too well … so I’m guessing they just.. Uhh.. footed it…   Tap the stop icon for directions and information!

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