Moosomin | Saskatchewan

Moosomin | Saskatchewan

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If you look to the South, you’ll see a gas station and a coffee shop.. Who are we kidding you're probably stopping at good ‘ol Timmie’s as we speak! I know I could sure go for one of Canada’s favorite drinks, the famous double-double right about now! You're currently just North of the town of Moosomin, and if this was 130 years ago one of Saskatchewan's most influential citizens would be being born right now! 


  General Andrew McNaughton was .. I’m going to need a breath for this… (breath in deeply and say the rest a bit faster in one breath if possible).. a scientist, a diplomat, the president of the National Research Council of Canada, the senior Canadian military officer in the United Kingdom during WW2, the Canadian representative on the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission, president of the Atomic Energy Control Board of Canada and oh, just a super unimportant job called the Canadian Minister of National Defence.  

 Quite the resume isn’t it! The Canadian Minister of National Defence is head of DND, the Department of National Defense and has one overlying duty, what do you think it is? Is it,


  1. To run the Canadian Forces,

  2. To coach team Canada’s defense in the Olympics or

  3. To look after all matters relating to the defense of Canada?


The answer is C! The Department of National Defense is responsible for defending Canada's interests and values both at home and abroad!

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