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Moraine Lake | Alberta

Moraine Lake

A point of interest on the Calgary to Lake Louise Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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If you look South, you’ll see Mount Temple, which sits just West of beautiful Moraine Lake! The name Mount Temple was coined by George Dawson in 1884 after Sir Richard Temple, a British politician.  He sounds kinda boring.. But this isn’t!! Mt. Temple was the first 11,000 foot peak to be climbed in the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains! Hold your applause- in 1955, Mt Temple was the site of one of Canada's most tragic mountaineering accidents when 7 teenagers were killed by an avalanche. Tragic. Let's drift (hehe) on over to a more light hearted topic: Moraine Lake! Get it? Drift.. lake..? I should write for sitcoms. Moraine Lake is in the Valley of the Ten Peaks and is surrounded by walking and hiking trails! The Rockpile Trail, which goes around the moraine, is an insanely long 300 meters with a  -GASP- 24 meter climb! Once you catch your breath, be SURE to take a picture! The view of the mountains is one of the most photographed in Canada! It’s also known as the $20 view because the lake was featured on the Canadian 20 dollar bill between 1969 and 1979. 


A quick 8-12 hour climb on the Perren Route from Moraine Lake will take you to the Neil Corgan Hut... Soo how high do you think that is? Is it,


A.) 25,290 feet, B.) 9,701 feet, C.) 14,684 feet?


WHOOOOOOO chose B? B-CAUSE YOU WERE CORRECT!! Ha. Ha. The Neil Colgan Hut is maintained by the Alpine Club of Canada and stands at 9,701 feet as the highest permanent structure in Canada. 

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