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motherwell building walking tour regina.

Government of Saskatchewan, Bruce Dawson, 2005

motherwell building regina.PNG
1901 Victoria Avenue | Regina, SK

Motherwell Building

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Audio Transcript

The Motherwell Building is a municipal heritage property, and as you can see is located prominently at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Rose Street. The building was finished in 1956, it's design reflects the influence of the international style, emphasizing modernity and technology, which distinguished it from other buildings in the city at that time.

The building was originally constructed as an office building for the federal government. At the time of opening, tenants included the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration and Western Canadian engineering projects. Both tenants played very significant roles in the development of Saskatchewan's agricultural industry.

The association with agriculture was further enhanced by naming the building after William R. Motherwell. Our historical recreation team, using advanced interstellar time shifting technologies put together an autobiography of Motherwell himself, have a listen..

"... hi there, I'm William Motherwell, I was a pioneer farmer in Saskatchewan, and one of the founders of the Western Canadian agricultural movement. I don't want to brag, but I was also a major Saskatchewan liberal political leader, and a federal minister of agriculture."


Naming Saskatchewan's largest and most modern building after Motherwell, emphasized the political and historical links between the liberal federal government and the agricultural industry, as well as the provinces pioneer traditions.

Disclaimer. That was not Motherwell's real voice, it was me.. I tricked you.

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