Mount Norquay | Alberta

Mount Norquay

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Take a look to the North West, see a mountain? Sweet! That’s Mt Norquay! It was named after John Norquay, the former Premier of Manitoba who climbed the mountain in the late 1800’s. But, sad fact: ALLEGEDLY, Mr. Norquay didn't actually make it to the summit… yet he still had a mountain named after him! Wonder what I need to do to have a mountain named after me. Hmmm. Anywho, the Mt Norquay Ski Resort dates back to 1926 and today there are 60 runs serviced by 3 quad chairs, 1 double chair and a magic carpet! The double chair, named the North American, services some of THE toughest terrain in North America white the magic carpet services some of THE smallest and cutest kids ever.. And those snowplowing beginners too!


So what special feature do you think it Mt. Norquay offers? Is it,


A.) Sumo Suit Saturdays - skiing in giant inflatable sumo suits

B.) Night skiing, or, C.) Screaming Skiing Saturdays - contestants fly down the mountain while screaming as loud as they can? 


UHHH wow. Kind of a let down to tell you the real answer here after hearing "inflatable body suit" and "screaming skiing" were options, but the answer is B, night skiing! Mount Norquay is the ONLY Banff resort to offer night skiing! 

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