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Murrin Provincial Park | British Columbia

Murrin Provincial Park

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Anyone feel like a quick dip? Maybe a short hike to some incredible viewpoints? We’ve been driving for a AT LEAST 20 minutes now so someone MUST be starving or have to pee!?  Come on someone DEFINITLEY has to pee! Well if you answered yes to any of those questions.. We’re driving past Murrin Provincial Park and the swimmin’ hole is waiting!  Though the park isn’t as busy as Stawamus Chief, which we cover on another question, Murin Park has over 100 climbing routes among several rockfaces. Don’t feel like dangling from a rope 200 feet in the air? Me either! Luckily, for us ground lovers, the Murrin Park Loop Trail has some incredible viewpoints.  The scenic and peaceful trail leads to some amazing views of the mountains and Howe Sound! 


The Murrin Park Loop trail is also known for a collection of petroglyphs.. Well what in the world is a petroglyph? Anyone know? Is it, 


A - Pictures carved into a rock, B - rocks containing Petrol oil or, C - pictures drawn on a rock with seal oil?


If you answered A, pictures carved into a rock, your picture must be worth a thousand dollars! I think that’s how the saying goes anyways.  Petroglyphs are images created by removing part of a rock surface by carving, picking, abrading or incisions to create a form of rock art! These petroglyphs can be as much as ….. Years old and were carved by th e…. Tribe. See that sounds way more fun using my body to carve  the rock after my rope breaks and I freefall 400 feet.. Tap on the stop icon for more information!

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