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Muskoka Lakes Township | Ontario

Muskoka Lakes Township

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Don-,....You may not know it, but you've just rolled into one of the most amazing natural environments in all of Canada!  You're in the 781 point 6 amazingly beautiful square kilometer big township of Muskoka Lakes!


The towns of Muskoka, Rosseau and Joesph all reside in the township, plus 80 pristine lakes!  As you drive through the area,...look on each side of the’ll see some big craggy cliffs, rock outcroppings and deep kettle lakes that were all created wayyyy back when life first began on the planet!  Glaciers gouged, grinded and scoured the landscape, leaving all this incredible beauty behind. 


Back in 1868, The Canadian Government passed the Free Grants and Homesteads Act, which gave a hundred acres of land to anyone who would build a house and clear 15 acres within five years.  Folks flocked to the area just like black friday shoppers at walmart.. ok well maybe not QUITE like that MAYHEM but you get the idea. As awesome as free land was, the work was hard...just look around at the landscape and think about trying to clear it with just a horse!


The rugged beauty delivers lots of visitors to Muskoka Lakes Township.  Celebrities and athletes are known to frequent the area in the summer months. Politicians like U.S. President Woodrow Wilson and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II even vacationed here too, which is how the Queen's Walk Road received its name.  Amazing to think that they all came here and experienced the same Southern Canadian Shield beauty we are! 

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