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nancy island historic site wasaga beach.
119 Mosley St, Wasaga Beach | Ontario

Nancy Island Historic Site

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Audio Excerpt

I know the river, which just happens to be a part of this tour is, spoiler alert if you haven't seen it yet.... pretty darn narrow. Well, for the British schooner HMS Nancy during the war of 1812, this narrow river was kind of a problem!


The crew thought they found the perfect hiding spot from the Yanks, yep down the river. Well, unfortunately they were spotted by American ground troops and it wasn't long until 3 warships trapped the men by blocking the mouth of the river. With no way to escape, and facing certain death, the crew scuttled, which means intentionally sinking the ship.


The crew rowed 360 miles North to camp Mackinaw.  Let that sink in for a second... not only did the crew row an absolutely my body hurts just thinking about it 360 miles, they did it in an equally insane amount of time, two weeks!


The island right here in Wasaga has served as a historic site since 1928. The island houses the charred hull and other artifacts of the HMS Nancy. You'll also find a replica of a nineteenth century Great Lakes lighthouse and an award winning video presentation that recounts the cruiser road story tap the icon for details and directions.

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