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northwest rebellion battle of batoche

Seargent Grundy | Public Domain | Battle of Batoche

northwest rebellion battle of cut knife
Fred Curzon | Public Domain | Battle of Cut Knife

Northwest Rebellion

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Let’s take a trip back in time shall we! Why don’t you look out the window for a second, now take away the cars and the power lines and the houses and farms and pretty much everything except the landscape.


Got it? Alright now imagine you're a soldier, walking for miles and miles with hundreds of other people through rain, sleet, snow, hail and whatever else mother nature throws at you. Not fun eh!? Well that’s what it was like back in 1885! 


The North-West Rebellion took place right here in Saskatchewan and was an unsuccessful uprising of the Métis people led by Louis Riel. The Métis felt that the Canadian government had failed to protect their rights, and failed to recognize them as a distinct people. The rebellion ended with a significant battle right here in Saskatchewan, but which battle was it? Was it, 

A) The Battle of Duck Lake

B) The Battle of Hogwarts, or

C) The Siege of Batoche?

The correct answer is C, the Siege of Batoche. After the defeat, the Aboriginal allies of the Métis left and Louis Riel was captured and convicted of treason.

Many Canadians, especially from Quebec pleaded with the government for amnesty as they viewed Reil as a hero fighting for Francophone rights.  Although unsuccessful, Louis Reil is now regarded as a Canadian icon and folk hero especially by the Francophone and native rights movements.


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