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Orillia Opera House

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Welcome to the Orillia opera house! Built in 1895, the Opera House currently serves as a theatre, but at one time was used as a municipal office, police headquarters and jail.

More recently, it housed the City’s Council Chamber. A fire in 1915 destroyed the interior and the roof of the building, however both were rebuilt in 1917. Interestingly, the nameplate “City Hall” was actually erected decades before Orillia officially became a City.

The building is renowned among performers for its superior acoustics, and is still a hub of the community today. There are no bad seats at the Orillia Opera House. It's a theatre that brings big name artists to Orillia residents - every seat in the house is a good one and they're all within 75 feet of the stage. The main stage has seating for 677, and the studio theatre space accommodates 100.

I've posted a link on the stop description where you can find showtimes and pricing information. If you're in town, you can catch a show, I highly recommend it.

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