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phoenix gold mine
Lyndi & Jason | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
phoenix gold mine.PNG
800 Trail Creek Rd, Idaho Springs | Colorado

Phoenix Gold Mine

A point of interest on the Denver to Vail Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

Listen to the tour audio!

Audio Excerpt

Well hey there ya’all fine folks, Bob Miner here.. Errrr.. Is it George.. or Clarence.. Is it Frank? Ah shoot a pumpkin in the moonlight I’m so old I don’t remember.. Tell ya’all the truth I don’t remember much these days.. Well I do know my last name is Miner, which is prett-ner the best dang name I could ask fer as I discovered this here Phooooenix Gold mine, which I rekon yer drivin’ just North of just right about now!  


You know what ya’all should come on down and check-er out! By golly It’s good wholesome fun fer the whole bunch of ya!  We’as even been featured on some movin’ picture box programs like that ‘ol National Geeehographic and Globe Trekkers! Ya’all can tour this here mine I started wayyy back in 1871.. I reckon’ it’ll only take ‘bout 30-45 minutes.. Bout just long as it takes me to get this old behind outta bed in mornin’ I tell ya.


AAAAAAAAnyhoot.. Ya’all can learn all sorts a fun ‘n entertaining stuff that’ll be sure to knock those knickers off at this here Phoenix Gold Mine. Ya’all can see just how ‘ol Pioneers like me mined fer Gold and Silver and Copper and somethin’ that I sure can’t pronounce right called Tellurium… speakin’ of Tellurium you fine folks got any idea what that mineral be used fer?  Well go on now, don’t be shy, take a guess! Is Tellurium used for, 


A) makin’ that deeeeeeeeelightfull chewin’ tobbacca,

B) makin’ those fancy new solar panels or,

C) constructin’ batteries for eeeelectric ve-hicles?

Well gosh darnnit if ya’all picked B, solar panels you sure are a real lally-cooler.. Which in my day means big deal mmmhmm yes sir-ee you are! Tell you folks somethin’ else this here Tellurium sure is helpful these days ya’ll know why!? Course you don’t I ain’t told you yet! Haaahaha least I still got ma country charm haha..


 AAAAAnyhoot these here mines are all lit up perty just fer you folks with them solar panels we been talkin’ bout.. So turns out that Tellurium pretty dang useful now aint it!?


Find out more bout these here Phoneix Gold mine tours by tappin’ on the stop icon on the map.. Now I don’t got no clue what that means but I’m sure you fine folks do! Well go on now and have yer selves a good ‘ol hootenanny of day will ya!?

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