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Red Coat Trail Map
By SriMesh - CC BY-SA 3.0, 

Red Coat Trail

A point of interest on the Moose Jaw to Alberta Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Papa - “The British are coming! The British are coming!! Wait, Johnny boy get me that old looking apparatus. I see some Red Coats coming down the trail but.. I don’t think it’s the Brits after all!”


Johnny - “but Papa, it’s the Red Coat Trail, and they’re wearing Red Coats, so who else could it be!?”


Papa - “I’m not sure son, gar I wish we had a car full of Tripvia players to help us out!”


Don - “Your wish has been granted Papa” Ask any question you want and it shall be answered!”


Papa - “Whoa… uhh.. Where is that voice coming from? And.. and .. wh.. Who are you?”


Don - “It’s Don, your local time travelling invisible Tripvia Guide of course!”


Papa - “Ohhh ok that makes sense, alright Don, well my question then, is .. who are these red coaters walking down the Red Coat trail?”


A) The Royal Air Force

B) The North-West Mounted Police or

C) The CPP - Canadian Prohibition Police?


So there you have it Papa, the answer is B, the North-West Mounted Police! The Red Coat Trail stretched from Winnipeg in the East to Lethbridge in the West and crossed Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.. And Papa and Johnny Boys house of course! The trail was built as a way for the police to bring law and order to the Wild West! Wait… Papa.. you're not hiding any Outlaw’s are you!? 

saskatchewan audio driving tour

Moose Jaw to Alberta

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This POI is featured on the Moose Jaw to Alberta Audio Driving Tour, part of the Tripvia Tours mobile app available for Android & Apple.

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