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Rocky mountain wildlife refuge
USFWS Mountain-Prairie | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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6550 Gateway Rd, Commerce City | Colorado

Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge

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Audio Excerpt

If you take a look to the East, you’ll see a pretty flat area of land.  That’s the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge! 5,237 acres big and home to 239 different animal species! The Refuge’s purpose is to restore and preserve native ecosystems, providing a safe habitat for wildlife.  The Preble’s meadow jumping mouse for example.. Ya.. jumping mouse… yikes..  is a federally threatened species.  The Wildlife Refuge has included specific habitat management practices to help these little jumping fellers out, ensuring they’ll be scaring the bejesus out of people like me forever!  Other animals that benefit from the refuge include prairie falcons, deer, elk, coyotes, songbirds and.. well.. 233 more! 


The Wildlife Refuge currently is just well, a refuge, but in the future it will provide environmental education, nature programs and wild-life focused visitor opportunities. Wait…. If you're listening to this.. it.. IS … the future.. (like your just realizing this) Hey maybe it’s already done! Maybe they built the Visitor Information Center... and all the hiking, cycling and horseback riding trails they want to build.. Ya Maybe there’s flying cars and jetpacks and time travel!

Ok ok, the future sounds exciting, but let’s go to the past for a sec.  This area was used for something else during the Cold War, any ideas? Was it,


A - Military training, B - Training animals for military purposes or, C - a manufacturing facility?


If you answered C, manufacturing facility, you’ve put together the right answer my friend! Once completed, the Wildlife Refuge will include interactive information on the area’s past use!  Sooo back to the future.. Hehe always wanted to say that.. Maybe they’ll have the Liger here!

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