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rosseau muskoka

John Verterlli | Flickr |CC BY-SA 2.0

Rosseau, Muskoka | Ontario


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Audio Transcript

Don-,....I knew it would happen,...finally my chance to sing!  


Don-Well, coming up soon, just 15 kilometers Northeast of here is the city of Rosseau...and there's this diddy that goes like this:  Oh we’ll sing a little song of Rosseau, It’s the best old town that I know...

Molly-ok,...lemme stop you right there while we still have people listening...

Don- but….there's a whole other verse.

Molly-I know I know, but we want these folks to stay in the car and not jump out while it’s moving… lets just talk about the reason why there is a song about Rosseau.  Back at the turn of the 20th century,


Townsfolk in Rosseau used to welcome visitors arriving from all over Ontario by steamboat, by singing that little song. The town and townsfolk got to be famous for that.  

Don-They'd have been more famous if I'd been singing it....

Molly- .. awkward pause… right.. umm.. sure.. ok well Rosseau is known as a vacationing paradise.

Don-i know:  unique stores, antique shops, eclectic boutiques and in the summer months they have a bountiful farmers market! Plus a real,1800's General Store, right on the main street corner!  

Molly-Rosseau and Lake Rosseau  attracts lots of people looking for small town one time, people like Steve Yzerman, Martin Short, Ted Rogers, and Goldie Hawn owned cottages there's a curious little story about a visitor that may...or may not have showed up back in you know who the visitor may have been?

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