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Saint James Court | Orillia, ON

Saint James Court

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Saint James Court, the three story red brick building on the East side of the street, was built in 1906 by J.R. Eaton. The building served thousands of Orillians in its 75 years being home to the local YMCA.


By 1912, it housed the only indoor pool north of Toronto. Sadly, the building was damaged by fire in 1982, however it was was rebuilt and repurposed for affordable housing in 1985.

A classical portico, similar to the original design, was been reconstructed over the main entrance. For those who shiver uncontrollably at the very mention of an architectural term, don't worry, I do too, a portico basically means a porch roof supported by columns, just like the one you're looking at.


Many well-known athletes and famous Orillians, such as world champion sculler and all around bad mama jama, Jake Gaudaur, have passed through this entrance. Seriously, I put a picture on the stop description, check out it out. He looks like the toughest man that ever lived.

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