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sainte marie among the hurons

Peter Kudlacz | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

st marie among the hurons
Midland | Ontario

Sainte Marie Among the Hurons

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Just 25 kilometers from here lies Sainte Marie Among the Hurons, Ontario's first European community.  Built in 1639, the French Jesuits created a community that included barracks, a church, workshops, homes, and a sheltered area for aboriginals. 


The Jesuits worked closely with the native Hurons, but friction between the Huron and the Iroquois made the settlement a battle ground. The Iroquois overran the community during the Huron-Iroquois war.


On June 16th 1649, the missionaries decided to burn the mission rather than risk it being desecrated or permanently overrun by further attacks.  Sadly, eight missionaries died during the attacks and were martyred in 1941. They are now collectively known as the Canadian Martyrs.  


Saint-Marie among the Hurons has been excavated and reconstructed and is now one of Ontario's Signature Experiences--one of the best and most unique tourism experiences in the province.


  You can immerse yourself in 17th century Canada, explore the longhouses and get hands-on experience with tools, games and crafts.  

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