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Saskatchewan Legislative Building Regina
Photo by wallissteve  CC BY-SA 3.0, 
2405 Legislative Dr , Regina, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Legislative Building

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The Saskatchewan Legislative Building. As you can see the building is impressive to say the least. It houses the legislative assembly of Saskatchewan with construction of the foundation beginning in 1908.


In 1909, the Governor General of Canada laid the cornerstone and in 1912, Prince Arthur, The Duke of Connaugh, inaugurated the building.  The plans originally called for the exterior of the building to be red brick but after construction had begun on the red bricks already on the site premier Walter Scott decided that Manitoba Tyndall stone would give the building greater grandeur.


Well when the Premier wants something the Premier gets it! The plans were adjusted and due to the last minute change the cost increase by 50 thousand dollars! The total cost came to 1.75 million dollars but can you really put a price on something so beautiful?

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