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260 Scenic Caves Rd | The Blue Mountains

Collingwood Caves Scenic Nature Adventure

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Audio Excerpt

Strapping boards to your feet and falling down a mountain isn’t the only fun thing to do around here you know…. you can crawl into a giant, bat filled, never-ending, panic inducing pitch black hole too! Adventure awaits at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, located right here in the Blue Mountains! 


Time for a ... Scary story! At the mouth of the scenic caves sits a large rock and according to Aboriginal tradition, it’s called ‘Ekarenniondi’.  ‘Ekarenniondi’ marked the path to the afterlife, known as the ‘village of the souls’. Near the rock, there was a cabin, and in the cabin... lived... ‘Oscotarach’. 


As the dead walked the trail to the afterlife, Oscotarach would steal their brains…. and EAT them… I.. I.. mean keep them.. He would remove their brains and keep them…. buuuut whyyyyy would he do this? Any idea?


Well if you answered removed memories, Oscotarach must not have gotten you yet!  Also known as ‘pierce head’, Oscotarach would pierce the deceased’s heads with his fingers and SUCK their brains right out! 

Ok ok, enough with the scary stories..  The legend of Oscotarach was actually considered a positive story! With no brains, the dead couldn’t long for the life they once had and could be at peace! The Scenic caves are actually pretty fun too, I promise! Other activities include nature trails, a suspension bridge, a zip line, gemstone mining and mini golf!  

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