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1151 Hwy 26 | Minesing, ON

Simcoe County Museum

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The majority of this Tripvia Tour takes us through the majestic County of Simcoe .. Ok it’s actually called Simcoe County but the County of Simcoe .. Just sounds way more refined.  The Simcoe County Museum, located just a minute or two from here, showcases the storied history of.. You guessed it… The County of Simcoe. 


The museum is home to a number of exhibits and galleries where you can experience the growth of Barrie and the surrounding areas.  The Channen Gallery allows you to meet the earliest inhabitants of the area. The Main Street exhibit sends you on a walk through the heart of downtown Barrie at the turn of the 20th century. The Living and Working Gallery highlights business, industry, military, fashion, daily life and technology. 


You can discover the importance of the area's natural resources in.. well… the Natural Resources Gallery and even walk through a collection of old farm machinery in, yeah.. The Farm Machinery Gallery…


Discover the day to day life of early County of Simcoe residents by strolling through 10 different heritage buildings on site!  10 buildings eh… sooo… where do you think they came from?


Simcoe County’s 10 heritage buildings were moved here from various locations across the county! Just tap on the stop icon for more details and directions!

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