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Squamish | British Columbia

Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

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Welcome to the town of Squamish! People began settling in Squamish during construction of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway in the 1910’s as it was the first Southern terminus of the railway.  Before that though, wayyy before that.. Squamish was inhabited by indigenous people and actually called ‘Keh Kait’.  Nowadays, Squamish is an extreme sports enthusiasts paradise! The town hosts two prettttty insane races.  As if just, you know, a regular race isn’t tough enough, the Squamish 50 takes it to a whole new level.  Think you can finish this rugged mountain race?


Well just an fyi, the 50 doesn’t stand for metres.. Heck it doesn’t even stand for kilometres!! It’s a 50 mile long race folks!! Oh, and the elevation change… 11,000 feet! Running up and down mountains not your thing eh?  Well luckily for you, they also host an annual Mountain Bike race called the ‘Test of… uhh.. The test of... you trying to guess what it’s the test of..’ Any ideas? Is it,


A) The Test of Steel, B) The Test of Metal, or C) The Test of Out-Biking the Squamish Sasquatch?


If you guessed B, The Test of Metal, your right! The race covers 67 kilometers with over 1,200 meters of climbing!! The mass start of 1,000 riders is one of the highlights of the event and brings thousands of people into Squamish.  River rafting, snowmobiling, windsurfing and kiteboarding are also extremely popular sports in the Squamish area.. Oh and also wrestling Norm, the Squamish Sasquatch!

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