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Sébastien Launay | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Stawamus Chief Provincial Park | British Columbia

Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

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Audio Excerpt

If you look to the East, you’ll see ‘The Chief’, the Stawamus Chief Mountain to be exact.  The mountain lies within Stawamus Chief Provincial park, which also ecompasses Slhanay, a slightly smaller mountain.. Well, granitic dome to be precise. The park was established in 1997 and although only 5 square kilometers, it has a number of hiking trails leading to the three main summit areas with exceptional views. These trails are steep and rugged though, so if you decide to check them out, maybe switch the flippy floppies out for some hiking shoes!  In several places there are short sections of "trail" that are so steep or slippery, chains and ladders have been bolted to the rock!  If you need an extra day or two.. Or week ..or month ... To muster up the courage to climb a super high ladder bolted to a rock, well there’s a campground too! 


The main attraction at the park is the large granite facade… sounds fancy right!? Well, what do you think facade means? I’ll give you a hit, it usually refers to a big, imposing structure like a building or in this case, a mountain!


So facade means, A - The top , B - the face, or C - the bottom?


If you answered B, the face.. You must have a pretty nice facade!  The Chief also has a very impressive facade, which is accessible by trail or rock climbing! Several peaks... which have no guard rails by the way.. yikes... offer impressive views of the Sea to Sky highway and the river below... just don’t fall off into the river below.. Hmm  I wonder if that’s the inspiration for the Canadian rock band Billy Talent’s song, River Below!?

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