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Stayner | Ontario


A point of interest on the GTA to Georgian Bay Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Welcome to Stayner, we hope you enjoy your… stay. Ok.. that was bad.. Even for my incredibly low standards…  I’m going to try that again.. Here we go.. What’s on my to-do list for the deck on Saturday?  I have to Stayner!! Hehe.. what!? I can’t stop it.. They just come out!


 Anyways.. Welcome to Stayner! Take a look around and you’ll see some gorgeous examples of brick construction from the early 1900’s!  See if you can spot the Jubilee Presbyterian church on the North side of Main street as it’s a prime example!


  You’ll also pass over some old railway tracks beside a very small parkette. These railway tracks were integral to the early development of Stayner as it made the community a service hub for farm families in neighbouring townships.


Well we know it’s not, “the town of many stained decks”.. So what do you think Stayner’s town motto is?


Stayner’s motto is ‘The Town of Friendly People’! Due to the unpredictable winter weather, many travellers have been stuck and forced to wait out the storm at the Stayner Community Centre.  The travellers were so impressed with the town’s generosity and, well, friendliness that they became the inspiration for the town’s motto!  

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