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the fortress mountain
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Fortress Mountain | Alberta

The Fortress

A point of interest on the Calgary to Lake Louise Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Take a look to the West and you’ll see Fortress Mountain.  Now if this was 50 years ago, you’d be looking at Tower Mountain… and you’d be realllllly confused because there already is a Tower Mountain close by.  In an effort to prevent concussions caused by severe confusion, thankfully they changed the name to Fortress Mountain.


Fortress Mountain Ski Resort, which has the distinction of the highest base elevation in Canada, is located here and is a popular cat skiing destination! The resort has big plans to add downhill lifts and is in the midst of an extreme makeover, ski resort style!  The beautiful area has actually been home to a number of film shoots over the years, but one actor must really really realllllly like it as two of his blockbusters were filmed here. Any idea who it is? Is it,


A - Bruce Willis, B - Leo Dicaprio or C - The Rock?

If you answered A, Leo Dicaprio, you’re the king of the woooooooorld! Leo’s epic true story, Titanic, was shot right here!!! ….. Which could be the case if this was his movie Inception and we’re all actually dreaming! Inception and the The Revenant, both known for their incredible cinematography, were shot right here along with The Bourne Legacy, Van Helsing, Brokeback Mountain and more!

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