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twin peaks colorado
Michael Rael | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Twin Peaks | Colorado

Twin Peaks

A point of interest on the Denver to Vail Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Okay, kids, it’s story time

TWIN 1: Ohhh, greaaaaat. 

No, this is a good one!

TWIN 2: You say that everrrryy time.

And every time they’re good!

TWIN 1: If you say so. 

Just trust me ok! Look out over the hills to the south — do you see those snow caps?

TWIN 2: What’s a snow cap? 

Have I taught you kids nothing?! Snow caps are the very tip of mountain peaks, covered in snow. And if you look to the south you might be able to see some! That’s the Colorado Front Range’s TWIN peaks. They’re just like you two twins, but -- mountains! 


TWIN 1: Twin mountains?


Exactly! Also known as Torrey’s Peak & Gray’s Peak. A botanist .. now I know I taught you what that is!


TWIN 2: A plant studier! 


Yes! So a ‘plant studier’ named named Charles Parry was the first person to climb and name the twin peaks in 1861, but neither peak is named after him sooo, what or who do you think he named the peaks after? Was it,


A - His two Siamese Cats, B - Two Botanist Friends or C - Imaginary Friends?


If you answered B, botanist friends, or plant studier friends as you kids like to call it, you’re right!  John Torrey and Asa Gray were the lucky plant studying friends who Torrey’s peak and Gray’s Peak were named after! Interestingly enough, neither of them actually got to see their own peak until 11 years later! 


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