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united empire loyalist cairn

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Lakeshore Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan

United Empire Loyalists Cairn

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The United Empire Loyalists Cairn, the pillar you're standing near that has a plaque on it, was erected in 2004 by the members of the United Empire Loyalists Saskatchewan branch. As you can see, the Cairn is built with stones. These are old field stones were from Saskatchewan homesteads built by loyalist descendants.


United Empire Loyalists or simply "Loyalist" was a term given to those who resettled in British North America during or after the American Revolution. Most of what was then British North America was located right here in Canada. At the time, the term Canadian was used to refer to the indigenous First Nations groups and the French settlers inhabiting the province of Quebec.


In 1874 significant loyalists resettlement around the bay of Fundy resulted in the creation of New Brunswick which was once part of Nova Scotia, as well as the creation of upper and lower Canada, now Ontario and Quebec. Loyalists played a large part in reshaping the country and provinces we know today.

The crown gave Loyalist 's land grants of 200 acres per person to encourage their resettlement. This was the beginning of the new wave of immigration, and helped establish the predominantly English speaking population in the future country Canada.

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