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vail colorado
Doug Letterman | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Vail | Colorado


A point of interest on the Denver to Vail Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

There, to the west, do you see the vail? The majestic vail. The ethereal vail. The… Okay, it’s just a mountain, but it does have a town at its base, also called Vail, and the Vail Ski Resort!  Oh, and the ski resort, well it - is - yuge. it’s a big one! In fact, it’s the largest ski area in all of Colorado; the third largest in the United States; and the fourth largest in North America.

It’s a beast.

5,289 acres of ski terrain in three sections, with seven bowls and plenty of intermediate gladed terrain in the Blue Sky Basin.  Largely the mountain is wide open terrain, with 31 lifts and even 191 walking trails for the summer visitors. 

You could literally get lost up there -- no, really, don’t wander off. It’s still a mountain with mountain things and scary mountain creatures.

But it sure is majestic, because it’s the Vail, and when have ever heard the word vail used in a non-majestic way? That’s what I thought.

If you like to play it safe like me, and tend to stay where food supplies are plentiful, then there’s other attractions that I’m sure are also quite majestic -- which one of these do you think isn’t an attraction of the Vail? Is it 

A) Colorado Ski Museum, B) Walking Mountains Nature Center or C) Blue Sky Basin Majesty Memorial?


Further expanding the resort’s square footage are both the Colorado Ski Museum and the Walking Mountains Nature Center.

Did I get ya?!

Blue Sky Basin Majesty Memorial is just furthering this weird obsession I have with the word majestic right now and if it were cease to existing, I would certainly want it to have a memorial!

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