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Wasaga Beach | Ontario

Wasaga Beach

A point of interest on the GTA to Georgian Bay Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Well folks, welcome to the town of Wasaga Beach, home of the world’s largest freshwater beach!  14 kilometre’s of beautiful white sand, shallow warm water and incredible panoramic views of the Niagara Escarpment await…. Unless you're listening to this on your way home, then uhhh… well do you reallly need to go home so soon??


Oh come on another day in paradise never hurt anyone!  Maybe you're tired of the beach?..... Said no one ever! But if they did there’s lot’s of other things to do! Let’s see.. hmmm.. Oh I know.. Trails! Ya you could go on one of the many trails in the area!


There’s hiking and biking trails galore and if you're here in the winter there’s snowmobiling and cross-country skiing tra...  I know I know, you’re here for the beach so I’ll stop yammering on about boring trails...Well the 14 kilometre beach is actually divided into several smaller beach areas.. Anyone know how many beach areas there are?


Beach 1 is more touristy, with bars, beach shops and fast food; Beaches 2 - 4 have lot’s of shade, a bike trail and playgrounds while Beaches 5 & 6 are used primarily by those in seasonal cottages!  Alllllright well I know SOME people.. Ahem I’m looking at you gingers.. Need to get out of the sun once in awhile. Well, Wasaga also has attractions like Skull Island Mini Golf, Wasaga 500 Go-Karting, Skydiving and shopping to keep those uh... fair skinned folk busy!

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