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Washago | Ontario

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OkOk Ok!....right up here....the next exit, 169 south...see it?...see it yet?'s the LCBO liquor store, just South of the highway!....I thought maybe you wanted to "lift your... spirits!"......HA!...not really, I wanted to show you the lovely hamlet of Washago, located right here in the township of  Ramara!


The Ramara name and area, are a merger from Rama and Mara townships...pretty clever eh? Well that's not the only clever things in's a wonderful place to stop, enjoy a leisurely stroll, visit the shops and incredible dining locations, many of which use locally sourced items and produce....told ya they were, they use an abandoned CNR steam locomotive-era water tower at the Washago Railway station to assist with their water supply...and it's decorated to help promote the town. 


They are as clever as they are nice! The Washago Railway Station is the first station-stop northwest of Toronto Union Station for Via Rail's Canadian train service, which links Toronto with Vancouver.  Oh,...and Washago has access to the Trent Severn Waterway because of it’s proximity to Lake Couchiching. Washago is clever....and convenient...see, you don't need your spirits lifted...just a visit to Washago...and you're good. 


The name Washago, means "Sparkling Waters," and a very famous Canadian gave the community the name....know who it is?

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