Water Filtration Plant | Orillia, ON

Orillia Water Filtration Plant

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Welcome to the Orillia water filtration plant! I bet you've always wanted to visit a water filtration plant! I'm super excited to be the one to tell you all about it! The original building design is laid out in a classic “bay” pattern, in that the structural layout of brick pilasters makes a pattern of 5,12’ by 3,12’ foot bays. Built in 1914, it measures approximately 72’ by 42 feet, and stands more than 20 feet high.

This is an excellent example of the open web steel joist structural system built at the time, where the steel joists are riveted together.

The most beautiful and charming characteristic of the building is the windows. Elegant brickwork with curved edges for the sills and window edges, limestone, keystones and the heavy arched shape that has been retained.

In case you're wondering what a water filtration plant does, well, it filters and treats water so it's safe for consumption. I'd personally like to thank you for allowing me the honour of telling you all about the water filtration plant, I sure hope it was everything you hoped it would be, and more!

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