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Dalnavert Museum

A point of interest on the Winnipeg's Wealthy Beginnings GPS-guided audio walking tour.

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Audio Transcript

This pretty Victorian Mansion on your left tells quite a tale of what “high society” was all about, back in the day.

Built in 1895 for Canada’s first Prime Minister’s son, Hugh John MacDonald, make no mistake, it was a very prestigious home. Every step of the way, there’s a reminder of social class vs. wealth.

At a time when the average price of building a house was $1,000, this beauty’s construction cost $10,500.

Hugh John MacDonald was Manitoba’s 8th premier. He named his house for Dalnavert, Scotland, where both his grandmothers were born, and raised his family here.

Ghostly stories and rumours of hauntings are tied to the home. And as you walk through the rooms, there seems to be a sadness trapped within the beauty that may reflect Hugh John MacDonald’s life.

His mother died when he was seven. His father, overwhelmed, left him with family to raise. Against their wishes, he married his first love, Jean King, who passed shortly after the birth of their daughter, Daisy.

He re-married and had a son, Jack, who had aspirations of following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. Unfortunately, Jack wasn’t blessed with the health of his very rebellious sister, and died in the home, before his 21st birthday.

While Dalnavert reflects society and influence of days gone by, it feels like there’s another story hidden here, too! If you'd like to have a look inside and hear some very interesting stories, I've put a link to their website and a museum tour on the stop description!

Image by Mahesh Gupta

Winnipeg's Wealthy Beginnings

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