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BC Walking Bundle

Explore British Columbia's vibrant cities with our self-guided walking tours, offering unparalleled access to the historical charm of Fort Langley, the urban green oasis of Vancouver's Stanley Park, and the beautifully preserved Victorian architecture and gardens of Victoria.

This trio of urban adventures is the perfect way to delve into the rich cultural tapestry and distinct urban identities each city in BC proudly holds.

Tours Included in Bundle

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Vancouver | BC

Stanley Park

37 points of interest along the Seawall path and interior including Brockton Lighthouse, Nine O'Clock Gun Chehalis Cross + many more!

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Fort Langley | BC

For Langley Film & Television Tour

18 points of interest in the historic downtown.  A popular filming spot for television & film including Riverdale,  Hallmark Christmas movies  + many more!

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Victoria | BC

Victoria Harbour

31 points of interest in the colourful and historic downtown centre including the Parliament Buildings, Fisherman's Wharf  + many more!

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How Does It Work?

  1. After purchasing, you’ll get a text/email with instructions.

  2. Download the app (while in good wifi/signal) and use your unique password to access your tours.

  3. To begin your tour, launch the app and navigate to the tour start

  4. The audio starts automatically once you reach the starting point.

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • App on your phone: a link to download the Tripvia Tours App 

  • Flexible schedule: use any day, any time. Travel over multiple days or on next trip. Never expires.

  • Ease of use: audio clips play automatically by GPS. Hands-free.

  • Customer service: available all day. Call or Email.

  • Go at your own pace: no group. Take detours & breaks. 

  • Offline use: no cell signal or wifi required after initial download 

  • Production Quality: professionally narrated tour guide audio


  • Transportation: use your own vehicle 

  • Attractions: entry tickets or reservations.

  • Charged Smartphone: download and test tour before starting

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Tour Samples & Route

stanley park walking tour
film and tv walking tour fort langley
victoria harbour smartphone audio walking tour
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