Trans-Canada Highway 1, British Columbia & Alberta | $5.49

Revelstoke & Lake Louise

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Yoho National Park, Natural Stone Bridge, Emerald Lake, Selkirk Mountains, Beaver River

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Using GPS, our professional and fun tour guides will transform this beautiful drive into a sight-seeing, fact-finding, trivia-answering, family-friendly adventure!

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Over 44 points of interest include things to see & do, breathtaking mountains, local animals, popular people, historical events & much more!

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44+ POI | 227 kms | 2.5 hours

Don't just see your incredible surroundings, hear what they have to say!

 Start anywhere along the route & travel in either direction. Take detours & stop at attractions for as long as you like.

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Mountain lake rockies audio driving tour
rockies road mountains audio driving tour

44+ Fully Narrated Points of Interest from Revelstoke to Lake Louise

Travel the iconic Trans Canada Highway 1 through the BC & Alberta mountains.

Elk rocky mountains audio driving tour

Points of Interest

audio plays automatically as you drive past

Illecillewaet River


Mount Revelstoke National Park

Glacier National Park Intro 1


Yoho National Park West Entrance

Natural Stone Bridge

Emerald Lake

Selkirk Mountains

Albert Canyon

Canyon Hot Springs

Giant Cedars

Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk Trails

Islands or Mountains?

Burrowing Owl

British Columbian Flag

Glacier National Park Intro 2

Hudson's Bay Company

Hemlock Grove Boardwalk

Rockgarden Trail

Illecillewaet Glacier

Rogers Pass Discovery Centre

Illecillewaet Neve

Beaver River


Kinbasket Lake / Mica Dam

Columbia River

Columbia River Treaty


David Thompson

Columbia Wetlands

Alexander Henry

Kicking Horse Ski Resort

Kicking Horse River

Rocky Mountain Trench

Purcell Mountains

Brake Check

Mount Vaux

Mount Hurd &

Canadian Pacific Railway

Mount Field

Wapta Lake

Burgess Shale

Mount King

Kicking Horse Pass National

Historic Site

Yoho Park Intro 2


Lake Louise





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family friendly

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About the Tour Guides

contact us if you'd like to create or voice a tour

Molly Gavin 1.png

Molly is a singer, songwriter, producer, writer, and voice-over artist from the United States with a solid reputation for offering a unique and diverse vocal range, high-quality product, and an unmatched level of enthusiasm. Using her home studio, she's completed over 500 recordings for various apps, advertisements, cartoons, songs, explainer videos, e-learning courses, and much more. She currently splits her time between voice-over, writing, and making music. 

Hi I'm Don Kinsley, one of your Tripvia Tour Guides. I used to be a kid!...really! a former kid in the 1960's, I was one of the first children ever to irritate my parents with the question, "are we there yet?" Yup, you can thank me for that! As I grew older, and less irritating, (OK, so my wife will debate that) I found that the journey IS more important than the destination, that's why I became a Tripvia on-line tour guide! 

I live in Michigan in the U.S., but I love everything Canadian...well, except Canada Dry Ginger Ale,...I'm a Vernors guy. But living just across the water from Ontario, I've journeyed to Point Pelee National Park, to the shops in Windsor, up to The Pinery Provincial Park--I've taken a cruise to Bay of Fundy and Halifax and enjoyed Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. I love it here!

Don laughingFILTERED 10-19-19.jpg

I have a daughter, who is slowly being introduced to Canadian music,...she's coming around to the Hip, Triumph, April Wine and the Kings. I'll make a Canadian out her soon. She already likes beer and the Red Wings...Oh she get credit for liking Stevie Y?

I used to work for radio stations in Mid-Michigan, in fact, I just retired after 33 years! Now I devote my life full-time, to locating the world's best Rueben Sandwich and being your on-line tour guide as you traverse this lovely country!

Wanna know how to make a Canadian roll their eyes? Just refer to CN Tower and CNN Tower. It's kinda funny.

Anyways...I appreciate you taking me and my friends along on your journey,... to make your drive alive!

molly d.PNG

Hi I'm Molly the author, not the voice! At the beginning of my career, I was on the mic—but now I love putting words in other people’s mouths! It’s  fun to imagine myself as the different personalities that tell viewers what’s on tv, explain how a service works, or tour you through North America. Being a writer means I get the chance to learn about all sorts of people, places, and things in order to keep others informed. And if I can tell a joke in the process, so much the better.  When I’m not writing, I’m usually engaging my mind with a book or punishing my body through sport. Otherwise, I’ll seek out a relaxing spot on a couch or barstool. Here's a link to my bio

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