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4 Postcard Worthy Historical Buildings in Regina, Saskatchewan

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

With no shortage of things to do, the Provincial capital comes in near the top of our 'places to visit' in Saskatchewan list. We'll save that list for another day though, in the meantime, take a gander at some of Regina's must see historical buildings! Have some free time in the Queen's City? Take a walking tour and check out these old post card beauties! On your way to Regina, check out a driving tour!

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1. Legislative Building

2405 Legislative Dr

This Instagram worthy building & garden combo has existed for more than a century and is something you really need to see, especially if you're doing a walking tour of the Wascana Lake area. The eye popping design was built between 1908 and 1912 and in 1912, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, by then the serving Governor General, inaugurated the building.

Fun fact, the plans originally called for the exterior of the building to be red brick but after construction had begun and red bricks were already on the site, Premier Walter Scott decided that Manitoba Tyndall stone would give the building greater grandeur. The total cost of construction came to $1.75 million by the time of its opening in October 1912

2. The Government House

4607 Dewdney Ave

This grand building, a National Historic Site of Canada, first served as the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of the North-West Territories. It has been restored to the period of Lieutenant Governor Amédée Forget, who was in office from 1898-1910. The Government House is now home a number of things to do and offers a number of engaging and ever changing public programs to further enhance your experience in Regina.

The Amédée Forget Museum for example gives you a glimpse at what life was like at the turn of the 20th century. The Edwardian Gardens were designed to please the eye and delight the senses, just like you ;) . Stroll through the lush gardens and experience the “outdoor rooms” among thousands of vibrant annuals and perennials.

3) Old Post Office Building

1801 Scarth Street

No walking tour of downtown Regina is complete without checking out the Old Post Office / City Hall building. Sometimes known as the Prince Edward Building, it's one of the oldest remaining structures in downtown Regina.

Originally designed to house the Post Office and the Customs and Inland Revenue departments, it also served as the Provincial Legislature prior to the completion of the Legislative Building in 1912. The Post Office and other federal government offices occupied the premises until 1962.

After 1928, when the RCMP assumed responsibility for policing Saskatchewan, the building accommodated the district headquarters of the RCMP. The building was purchased by the City of Regina, and used as the City Hall until 1976, and subsequently converted to a commercial mall on the main level.

4) Holy Rosary Cathedral

2104 Garnet St

Construction of this incredible church began in 1912 and completed in 1917. The church was modeled after churches in northern France, and is faced in yellow brick, with limestone accents.

The interior of the church has been extensively redecorated five times, starting in 1928, so if you get the chance, try and check out the interior (just knock 5 times and say the magic word). The final cost of the church was $135,000 and in 1951, 43 stained glass windows were installed.

Check out our free audio walking tour of Regina to find more amazing historical buildings and hear all about them.

All images courtesy of Peel's Prairie Provinces, a digital initiative of the University of Alberta Libraries.

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