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5 Dog (& Family) Friendly Things to Do in South Winnipeg

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

South Winnipeg is home to a number of surprising things the whole family can do. From beautiful parks to scenic lookouts and provincial heritage sites, we've got you covered!

1. King's Park

Hugging the Red River, this incredible urban park boasts 37.4 hectares of year round natural beauty, with 2.6 kilometres of pathways ideal for walking or biking. There's also a Chinese Pagoda, waterfall and even a labyrinth you can walk around.

2. Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park

It was Father Joseph-Noel Ritchot’s vision to set up a Monastery along the LaSalle River and along with five Cistercian monks who arrived in 1892, they created a thriving agricultural operation. Check out the incredible ruins for free along with interpretive signage, the La Salle river, a Pagoda and Buddharupa!

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The Bohemier House at St. Norbert's Provincial Heritage Park
3. St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park

This free heritage park is sometimes referred to as the 'other forks', 'original forks', or 'mini forks' as it's the confluence of the Red & La Salle Rivers. Take a walk around the small park and immerse yourself in Métis family life as it was during the late 1800s!

4. Place St. Norbert

Take a stroll in this small piece of Manitoban heritage and find yourself amongst an old village, with a local house, a meat shop, and the world-famous Red River Cart. This is where the stand off between Louis Reil, the Metis people & their followers versus the government of Canada took place. Oh, and it's right beside the Farmer's Market...

5. LaBarriere Park

LaBarriere is a river bottom forest eco system that is under protection and preservation. If you venture onto one of the walking paths, you'll come to a bridge over the LaSalle River before entering the forest for a beautiful walk amongst nature. LaBarriere Park is city owned land located in the Regional Municipality of Ritchot. Built in 1969 as a pledge to add more green space, it's 136 Hectares of beautiful prairie green space just waiting to be enjoyed!

And there you have it! Five fun family friendly things to do in South Winnipeg. These are all points of interest on our Sights of South Winnipeg Signature Tour, which is kind of like if a walking tour & a driving tour had a baby! It's awesome, check it out!

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