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Exploring Winnipeg’s Wealthy Beginnings: 6 Must-See Places in the Broadway & Memorial Area

The capital of Manitoba – Winnipeg is an overlooked gem that sparkles with some amazing destination eateries, lively arts scene, and some of the most benevolent people in the Great White North.

But in this post we’ll be unearthing the rich but usually disregarded beginnings of the city.

So, fasten your seat and get ready for the six must-see places in Broadway & Memorial area – formerly known as Hudson’s Bay Reserve, a once very exclusive and desirable area of Winnipeg.

6 Must-See Places in Broadway & Memorial Area

#1: Winnipeg Art Gallery

Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) was founded in 1912 and is renowned for being the first civil art gallery in Canada. Located in Winnipeg's downtown heart, the art gallery proudly boasts a permanent collection of 25,000 pieces of art and a stirring lineup of seasonal exhibitions.

#2: Manitoba's Legislative Building

Built of Italian marble and local Tyndall stone, the glorious Neo-classical Legislative Building in the Broadway & Memorial area, was completed in 1919. The hidden hieroglyphics, secret numerical codes, and Freemason symbols are some of the building's unique features. Weekly tours are offered, which are led by architectural historians.

The lavish legislative building ground features monuments, statues, and manicured gardens. Surmounting the seventy-two-meter dome is the statue of the "Golden Boy."

#3: Union Station & Winnipeg Railway Museum

Climb the stairs of the historic Winnipeg Railway Museum through the Union Station tracks one and two – where you will unearth the only museum in the city devoted to the preservation of Manitoba's rail heritage.

Enter the museum and see where and how it all began. Witness yourself The Countess of Dufferin – the first steam locomotive on the Canadian Prairies. Additionally, view several early generations of diesel locomotives parallel to the ones still used today.

#4: Golden Boy

A bronze, four-meter in height golden boy that weighs five tons and is gilded in 23.5-carat gold sits atop the Manitoba Legislative Building. The golden boy keeps a watchful eye over the north end of the capital and symbolizes that people have come to love dearly.

A sheaf of wheat on his left arm and a torch in his right hand signify Manitoba's enduring agricultural prosperity. On November 21, Winnipeg's golden boy celebrated 100 years perched on top of the building, and although he still gleams, he has already seen a lot in his time.

#5: Dalnavert Museum

Dalnavert Museum was once the home of Hugh John Macdonald – Canada's first Prime Ministers' son. This stunning mansion tells a lot about what society was about back in the day. Each part of the mansion embodies a story about social class and wealth. Ghost stories and rumors are tied to the Dalnavert Museum. Many people feel a sadness trapped in the house's beauty and believe another story is hidden behind the walls.

#6: Fort Garry Hotel

This 1913 chateau-style railway hotel is very representative of CN hotels all across Canada. Fine wood accents, marble staircases, magnificent chandeliers, domed ceilings - every room is a beautiful work of art. Like any old, spooky looking building, the hotel is rumoured to be haunted by a few different apparitions! If you're bored late at night, maybe book a room and go ghost hunting!

With that, we have provided you with the five must-see places in Broadway & Memorial area that offer you a glimpse into the early beginnings of Winnipeg. If you want to explore this area but are hesitant due to the crowd or time constraints, consider giving our self-guided walking audio tour a listen. Tour route is above.

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